Guru - Incredible 'Pult

Wed 17 September 14


Catapults have come a long way over the past decade, with numerous developments to improve usability and all round performance whit in use. One of the leaders in this department are Essex based Guru, who have utilised their impressive team of top angling consultants knowledge and experience to incorporate many design features never seen on catapult before. After the successful release of their previous catapults, designed for standard match fishing situations, Guru have now released the Incredible ‘Pult, read on as the UKMA team take a first look.

Packaging image

Vital Statistics

The Incredible ‘Pult has been specifically designed for anglers looking for a catapult to fire particles and pellets, at ranges from 16m up to 40m accurately. This very powerful tool features a strong and durable elastic that produces some serious power when under full tension. To take this tension you have the rugged frame that features a special, non-twist design to improve accuracy and longevity of the elastic.

Incredible Pult on the bank

The frame work has been manufactured, paying close attention to potential areas of abrasion including the Frame Runners. This attention to detailing reduce wear on the elastics. which will help to prolong its life. The Incredible Pult also features four pegging points to allow you to adjust the tension of the elastic, that you can adjust, to create the perfect tension to suit the range you


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