Preston Innovations New Bait Tubs 2014

Sun 09 February 14


Bait management and storage whilst being transported can at times be a space consuming affair, taking up half your carryall during the warmer months, when large quantities of bait are required. To manage and organise these larger quantities of bait, one of the leading ranges available for sometime, that can be found on the side trays of the majority of anglers who fish commercial fisheries and natural venues are the BAIT TUBS from Shropshire based PRESTON INNOVATIONS. The original blue coloured tubs were part of a system that allowed multiple boxes to be stored in the minimal amount of space. Making these bait tubs a massive favourite amongst the match angling fraternities, all over the United Kingdom. To take these tubs to another level, PRESTON has now released a new range of BAIT TUBS for 2014, so the UKMA team have got our hands on a few of these tubs to have a look at.

New Bait Tubs 2014

Vital Statistics

These new for 2014 bait tubs have all the qualities of the original blue PRESTON INNOVATIONS tubs but the new range have now changed colour to a mat black with grey lids. They have been manufactured from a durable plastic, with all lids fitting securely, reducing the chances of any unfortunate spillages whilst being transported. All the new Bait Tubs have internal measuring marks for accurate bait volume checking, plus you can use them to measure water volumes for precise groundbait mixing on the bank. These bait tubes can be used individually but work well as a compact modular unit in conjunction with the PRESTON INNOVATION BAITWATER or the MONSTER EVA BAIT STATION.

New Bait Tubs 2014 - 2


The UKMA team have been using the new Pellet Tub 0.5pt (0.3lt), these sell for


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