Drennan AS3 Pole Rigs Silver & F1s Tested

Tue 24 February 15


With time for making pole rigs a commodity that many of us don’t have a great deal of, many of us now have to either rely on a hand tied service or buy ready tied rigs from one of the leading manufacturers. After having a look around at what was on offer, the UKMA team spoke to Drennan who sent us a selection of their AS3 Pole Rigs for us to field test. Read on as we put the AS3 Silver & F1 rigs through their paces on a bitterly cold February session.

Vital Statistics

Drennan AS3 Pole Rigs Silver & F1s

The AS3 Silver & F1 rigs have been designed in conjunction with 5 times world champion Alan Scotthorne,The UKMA spoke to Drennan’s media manager Jon Arthur, who told us “the AS3 (Silverfish & F1) Pole Rigs have been more than a year in development and individually hand tied in our own factories, so the quality is second to none! They have been constructed to Alan Scotthorne


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