Flatty Match Fishing

Thu 23 October 14


Written by Jamie Harrison

Venue: River Trent, Laughterton, Tidal

Featured Angler: Wayne Bartholomew

River Trent scene

During October and November, the resident roach, dace, skimmers and bream that anglers target throughout the summer months move lower down the river leaving match anglers with a dilemma as what species to target. Perch still remain in areas and so do chub and barbel but these species rarely feed in numbers hence they become more unpredictable and unreliable. Step up the humble flatty!

River Trent scene 2

These odd looking fish are naturally mistaken for more of a sea-dwelling fish but at this time of year they appear in numbers and can often reach a very appealing 2lb in weight! This time last year, these fish were the only fish feeding in any number so anglers had to target them and weights of 15-16lb became quite common and when you realise that these weights were framing and winning matches, you can see why anglers wanted to master the technique of catching them. One of those anglers is Wayne Bartholomew. He


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